Small Faces Illustration celebrates moments of motherhood through watercolour and ink portraits. In an age when photographs are taken daily and do not have the same uniqueness as in past times, a minimalist portrait is an alternative that fits any kind of interior, brings warm memories  and makes them last longer. A brand created by a mother and an artist painting from her home studio in London. 


Welcome to the enchanting lifestyle brand Belle & Boo. Cherished throughout the world for its charming and nostalgic story-book illustrations that will leave you wishing you were a child again. From wall décor to stationery, homewares to books, Belle & Boo is a gift to be passed down through the ages.


Rory & The Bean is a children’s décor store based in the foothills of the Pennines, UK.   Our mission is simple - modern design with a minimalist edge, that less really is more when it comes to children’s interiors.   Counterbalancing the adult’s contemporary sensibilities, their constantly changing developmental stages and emerging personalities are a huge influence on the range, both current and future.   Not strictly limited to wall based décor, the newest additions to our collection are keepsake memory cards, designed to help document baby’s first Christmas, while gender neutral baby greeting cards compliment the large scale art range perfectly

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