Quality over quantity is our mantra. We only sell things that we really love and our focus is on the designer and small batch production, so you know where your products come from and who crafted them.

We believe in slow, sustainable fashion. Simple, comfortable, thoughtfully designed and carefully detailed items are what we strive to source. We’re working with brands that use the best quality fabrics and responsible manufacturing processes to produce long lasting garments that represent good value for money and that won’t cost the earth, from the perspective of your wallet or our planet!

We promise to try our hardest to use recycled materials – like our bio-degradable mailing bags and our cardboard shop shelves – and to work with companies who have similarly ethical approaches.

We don’t want to use the word “uni-sex”, but we do want our clothes to avoid obvious gender stereotyping, instead focussing on modern, sophisticated palettes, patterns and cuts, so that many of our items can be worn by girl or boy, or handed down from sister to brother.

Creativity, imagination and play rank high on our list of priorities when we’re shopping for unique toys and games for your tots.

Most of all, we hope you find all of the above in a friendly environment that focusses on parent and child equally. We see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to dress your tot to suit your style, without cramping theirs!