The Story of Belle & Boo began with a huge amount of passion, a pencil, some paper and creator Mandy’s memories of a wonderful childhood. Founder and Illustrator Mandy Sutcliffe loves to draw children and in doing so hopes to create illustrations that inspire adventures and shape new memories for both children and adults. Our characters Belle and Boo are the best of friends. Belle is a young girl with a curiosity for the natural world and Boo is her faithful friend and confidant. Along the way new friendships have been made, such as Ellis & Easy and Ava to name a few, and they can all be found across the Belle & Boo collection.

Along with a small team of incredibly talented people, a world of innocence, magic and nostalgia has been created by Mandy; offering timeless quality gifts made for both parents and children to enjoy – many of which are handmade here at Belle & Boo HQ. If you’re looking for inspiration for your child’s bedroom or nursery, a charming gift or even a present for yourself then you needn’t look any further. From precious keepsakes and art prints to homewares, craft kits and picture books; there’s something magical for everyone to enjoy. Craftsmanship and beauty should last a lifetime, which is why we look after the details of our products. We want to make the environment that children live, laugh and play in beautiful, the plates they eat from stylish and the clothes they wear timeless.