Whether it’s sleepy newborns, babbling babies, cheeky toddlers, moody teenagers, blooming mums-to-be or the whole clan together, I specialise in honest, creative, documentary family photography that captures and celebrates real life, character, spirit and individuality.

Families who come to me for their photos aren’t interested in the cookie-cutter approach of sitting around in stuffy studios and posing with the same old white background and props as everyone else – like me, they want their photographs to tell a story, to be relaxed, natural, distinctive and artistic with bags of personality. Each family session is entirely bespoke to you and the photographs are totally unique and a beautiful little slice of your very own life.

I capture your family’s story by you doing whatever you enjoy doing, in locations that you love… whether that’s chilling at home, making mud pies in the garden, painting and crafting, baking biscuits in the kitchen, a picnic in the park, hide and seek in the woods, wheeling around the skate park, digging sandcastles on the beach… You’ll be so busy having fun together that you’ll hardly notice the camera, and it’s a brilliant excuse to devote some special time entirely to your loved ones.

I’ll hand over to you a set of stunning images that you and your family will cherish as a vibrant and real reminder of your lovely clan at this moment in time. The photographs will be completely true to you, totally unlike anyone else’s, and you’ll have a blast making them!